To say that there is an air of tension in the Sherwood household this week may well be the understatement of the year.

My husbands’ Kate Bush Tribute band are preparing for their Glastonbudget audition this coming weekend. It’s obviously quite a big deal for the band, however if I hear Running up that Hill one more time I swear I may well go off Kate Bush completely!

That’s perhaps a little unfair but you can get too much of a good thing and although I have been a fan of Ms Bush for longer than I care to remember I am reaching natural limits.

As well as the band preparing for their audition, I am trying to settle myself down to my next assignment for my Open University course. The nice thing about doing a degree with the OU is that it is split into a number of modules. I’m halfway through Social Sciences and it is much more interesting that I expected. This next assignment is based around does money buy you health, wealth and happiness? I’ll keep you posted on that one as I’m struggling a little with it today.

As much as I would like to appear professional and sensible there is absolutely no point in setting expectations too high! A prime example of this is my ‘plum’ episode at work last week. I was on a conference call so had on my natty little hands-free headset while sat at my desk.

Feeling slightly peckish I decided to tuck into one of the ripe juicy plums I had brought in from home. As I started to bite into it, the blooming thing slipped out of my hand, rolled down the front of my dress and landed on the floor. Unfortunately I had forgotten to put myself on mute so all my clients could hear on the other end of the phone was me gasping and uttering ‘ooh I’ve lost my plum’. I immediately pushed the mute button but then couldn’t talk for laughing – not exactly the professional approach that I was aiming for!

I’m off to polish up my wellies just in case the audition goes well and the band make it to Glastonbudget. I’ll let you know what happens.

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