Well, we’ve done it!

We have cleared the orchard site of weeds and begun the dig.

We have lift off!

Fifteen enthusiastic lads from Sky came to help us with the digging and provided a few laughs along the way. We also had about ten people from the BTCV Crewe group as well as ourselves so many hands really did make light work.

Although my hands had blisters by the end of the day.

Seeing our ‘baby’ beginning to be born is amazing and members of the public from nearby housing estates have been very positive about the future of the site and look forward to our forthcoming celebrations in October.

I am having a few headaches with funding and figs. But that is to be expected and all part of the fun.

I loved the camaraderie we had on site and would like to formally thank BTCV Pete Attwood and Mike Inger, and all the people who helped us on the day with their hard work and banter. BTCV Anna Doesar from London was also on site helping and filming us for a BTCV Youtube video. I apologise now for my horrific appearance!

But as with childbirth, you don’t care what you look like when you’re digging tonnes of earth up by the spadeful.

Sad times for us at Grozone as we say goodbye to Beth Brockett. She was a star and a true friend to us all and is embarking upon more study, lucky girl!

Grozone is blossoming now and well worth a visit if you have spare time on a Saturday.

Soon I will post details of a competition we are in so you could, if you are feeling super kind, vote for our project. The prize being £6000. The benefactors everyone in Northwich and especially in Rudheath and Witton.

With a hopeful heart, I sign off now leaving you with some photos of our dig. Yes, it rained. Yes it was muddy. Yes I fell over on my large derriere! And yes yes yes, this project is so worth it!

A real labour of love.

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