After a lovely few weeks with my little one, it’s back to school.

And for me, back to creating the community orchard, finishing the train station garden, having my new qualifications verified and embarking on a couple more!

Most importantly getting myself a new paid job.

I have made a good start on all anyway!

We are pegging out our site and attacking the six foot weeds ahead of the actual pathway dig on 20 September. I am hunting for any keen volunteers to help out and soon I hope to secure some money for the environmental artist to construct the living willow fencing and sculptures, along with chainsaw art seating.

I have had to make some sacrifices but as long as the orchard is built, we’ll get over it!

Young people are set to get involved as I have had some great feedback from Andrew Bantock, a youth leader at The Venue who runs the Amplify group.

Next I will ask local schools if the children would like to help us when we plant the new trees.

I still have a lot of funding yet to secure if the orchard is to resemble the vision we have for the future. I also have to make a little You Tube film in order to bid for £6000 with Natwest bank.

So as usual a busy hectic time for me!

Today I’ve been choosing the varieties of fruit and working on the figs. I must present the orchard at tonight’s Parish council meeting. I have to make a ten-minute speech at the end of the meeting.

Last week I was filmed beekeeping!

My interview was confident but the film to go with it shows me running away screaming! This is because the bees get very aggressive in bad weather and they don’t like Vera Wang perfume I can tell you.

And yes, they stung me again! Worryingly, they keep trying to get my eyes.

Not a good sign.

I will put a link when we receive notice that the film is ready so you can have a good laugh at my expense.

Less Winnie the Pooh, more Carry On Screaming!!

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