This has been a wonderful week!

I found out one of my bids to create a community orchard in Rudheath has been approved! We’ve got all of the money for the building work. I feel elated!

The vision will become a reality and all in time for Apple Day with any luck.

This year we are fundraising for Afghanaid and Help for Heroes for Apple Day. If you’d like to organise your own Apples for Afghanistan Party please email I’ve also had positive feedback from the National Big Lunch organisers who have emailed me requesting our Grozone Big Lunch be used as a case study.

They also wish for me to be the press contact for the national press at the launch of next year’s Big Lunch programme.

This is an exciting opportunity to tell the nation about the great things happening in Northwich and the regeneration of Witton and Rudheath.

Next year we plan to hold many more Big Lunches in Rudheath as this is an extraordinary way to invoke community spirit. It just goes to show anything is possible if you work as a team, and rise up to do something amazing in your neighbourhood.

If my fellow members and I from the Rudheath and Witton Together Conservation Group can achieve all we have achieved in a short period of time, what stops you from doing the same?

I’m currently working on raising funds for the overhaul of Northwich train station gardens.

Not long till the gardening competitions now so time is of the essence!

To this end, we’re doing a fundraising Car Boot Sale at the station on 10 July. I just love the fact that we’re going to transform these litter hotspots into lovely places for all to enjoy. I hope people feel cheered by the pretty flowers or get behind us on Apple Day and enjoy the rural delights of a community orchard.

The Apple is one of Britain’s oldest and most beloved fruits. We should be championing the British Apple. I would love to initiate a return to the Victorian pastime of creating new varieties! I hope we can create our own some day.

I’ve also been beekeeping every other day, truly fascinating and not as scary as you’d imagine. All in all, an eventful week!

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