I really want to be involved in something that empowers people.

That’s one of the reasons I love being a Community Learning Champion. I have been doing quite a bit lately for my learners and it feels very rewarding. The Northwich Community Learning Champion scheme received their award on Adult Learners Week and plan to hold a celebration lunch together.

Well done to all the learning champions out there and to Jamie Morris and Debra Cragg from the CWAC Adult Learning Team who selflessly manage the project on a voluntary basis.

Knowledge is power.

But the thing that binds a community together is not power. It’s love.

Love thy Neighbour.

If only the Rudheath and Witton Neighbourhood could find it within themselves to make a change, to combat problems together and celebrate what is good about living in Rudheath and Witton.

I implore anyone from Rudheath and Witton to attend any of the Neighbourhood Consultation events run by Groundwork in the coming months. Call the Neighbourhood Working Team to find out when your next event is on 01606 353536.

While I don’t believe the Big Society should replace councils, I do think that a community who invest in their own services will ultimately find what we’re lacking today: community spirit, community accountability.

In short, a world where people actually care about and respect each other.

I am busy organising a number of events at the moment. It is hard work actually.

My work is sometimes a physical thing, sometimes a networking thing and other times a lot of writing and form filling and phone calls etc. I like the variety but I do get very worn out and emotionally drained by it all at times.

I am learning that I can’t do everything at once. Although I do give it a good try!

Time for a bit of balance I think. To anyone volunteering out there, you are shining lights for society. Please never give up.

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