CHRIS Banks continued his exploration of Engine Sheds at the October meeting of the 8E Railway Association.

This presentation ranges alphabetically from Bournemouth to Carnforth and other locations included Bradford, Brecon, Bridlington, Brighton, Bristol, Bromsgrove and Carlisle, with snippets of historical background and lots of fascinating photographs.

The only one to remain relatively unchanged from the days of steam is Carnforth, which regularly supplies locomotives for rail tours.

Other sites, such as Brighton and Carlisle Kingmoor remain as major depots on the modern railway.

Of particular interest were the large villas overlooking Bournemouth shed.

Virtually all the others were surrounded by terraced housing, Brecon shed appeared to have been built in a field, so it seemed odd that anyone would choose to live in relative opulence in such a grimy environment.

Bromsgrove is at the foot of the Lickey incline and provided banking engines for heavy trains.

After ‘Big Bertha’ was withdrawn the giant LNER Garrett locomotive was moved there with a conspicuous lack of success, not helped by being sent the wrong way round!

The next meeting is on Tuesday, November 12, in the Gladstone Club, Northwich. Phil Braithwaite will talk about British Steam 1948–1968. Visitors are welcome.

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by David Hawkes