HE has had to wait longer than expected, but Adam Evans has declared himself ready to step into the ring for a second professional bout.

The Winsford fighter, a light welterweight, was a victor on his debut back in September.

He returns to action next week determined to demonstrate he has learned from that experience.

“It’s been a frustrating few months since,” he said.

“I’ve had a couple of fights fall through, and it makes you feel like training is for nothing.

“That doesn’t mean I haven’t been working hard to stay fit so I’m ready for the next opportunity.”

The 24-year-old is still waiting to discover who will stand in the opposite corner next Friday in a light welterweight fight on a Black Flash Promotions bill at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester.

Not that he’s letting that bother him.

“It doesn’t matter who the other guy is,” he added.

“This time around I’ve got a game-plan, and I intend to execute it.”



Evans is coached by Frank Collins at Boxing Fit Academy in Lostock Gralam and managed by ex-professional heavyweight Geoff Hunter.

He says the duo is helping him to make a transition from the amateur ranks, where he enjoyed plenty of success, to a higher level.

After outscoring Matt Seawright in every round of their encounter at Victoria Warehouse last year, he is hoping to take another step towards his dream of claiming a British title.

“There’s a lot for me to learn – the step up is a big one,” he added.

“The pace is slower, and I can’t afford to be erratic.

“Frank and Geoff have taught me a lot, and I followed their instructions to the letter for my first fight - I can remember every detail.

“I want to show what I can do, and I’ll be trying to trade shots a bit more than I did on my debut.

“Matt’s a cunning and experienced fighter, and I had to get in and out again quickly.

“I’ll be the favourite next week, so I’ll be expected to take the initiative.

“That doesn’t make me nervous though.

“The nerves are usually there a couple of weeks before, but I’ll be feeling excited before the bell goes.”

He will be roared on by a group of family and friends who plan to travel from mid Cheshire.

Tickets are available from Evans himself.

He can be contacted on Twitter here