WINSFORD United chairman Mark Loveless believes Blues can benefit from sharing their home ground with a newly-formed club from Northwich.

The two clubs announce today, Wednesday, an agreement for 1874 Northwich to host opponents at Barton Stadium for the next two seasons.

They have an option to add a third.

“We’re happy to help,” said Loveless.

“Football is about fans, and this group is a bunch of people committed to what they are doing.

“There have been talks on and off for the past few months, but the negotiations have been smooth because I’ve dealt with honest guys who are trying to do the right thing.

“You can’t knock that.”

Blues’ new tenants, launched by Northwich Victoria Supporters Trust members fed up with how their favourite club has been run in recent seasons, have applied to join the North West Counties League.

If successful, they will start next term in Division One.

Loveless said: “We’ll support them as much as we can with the league if that’s what they need.

“They’re local people who want to have a football team to be proud off. To me, that bodes well.”

He expects followers of 1874 Northwich to make the short trip to Winsford in numbers once next season comes around.

Some already have, a small group adopting Blues as their team this term to ensure a football fix each Saturday.

He added: “It’s not far to here from there.

“I know Vics are still in existence, but they’re playing matches miles away from town.

“It’s less than a quarter hour drive to Winsford. That’s a lot nearer than Stafford for a start.

“We’ve had a few Northwich fans come to watch our games already, so they know what to expect and what we can offer.”

1874 Northwich say a deal to play in nearby Winsford satisfies their objective of having a first home in mid Cheshire.

Chairman Paul Stockton said: “We’ve been talking to Mark [Loveless] for a while now and are delighted with the result of those discussions.

“This enables us to establish our club as part of the community.”