RUNNERS in Mid Cheshire colours scooped five gold medals at Saturday’s Cheshire County Schools’ AA Cross Country Championships in Nantwich.

Elliot Bowker, from County High School Leftwich, and Katie Gerrard (Grange School) finished first in the inter boys and girls’ races respectively, while Grange’s Ben Lee was fastest in the minor boys’ category.

There was collective success at Reaseheath College too for Mid Cheshire’s senior boys’ team, made up of Sir John Deane’s College trio Zack Bamber, Nathan Tipping and Patrick Stradling plus Mid-Cheshire College student Ryan Moore.

Their success was matched by the inter girls’ quartet of Gerrard, Lucy Scott (County High School Leftwich) and Weaverham High School pair Hannah and Kate Young.

Bamber took individual silver too as did John Humphries (St Nicholas RC High School), who followed victor Lee across the line in the minor boys’ race.

Those two, plus Alex Doyle (Middlewich High School), Max Chaplin (Weaverham High School), Jamie Harris (Grange) and Sam Hanson (County High School Leftwich) took silver in the team contest.

Mid Cheshire’s 10-medals haul was completed by an inter boys’ foursome made up of Bowker, Jon Owen (Grange), Matt Rowlinson (County High School Leftwich) and Alex Castol-Fents (St Nicholas RC High School) who finished third.

That feat was matched by a junior boys’ line-up that included Leftwich trio Will Nowell, Jacob Robson and Josh Ulyatt along with Robert Weir (St Nicholas RC High School), Lachlan Chavasse (Grange) and Weaverham’s Oliver Ayre.

Cheshire County Schools’ AA Cross Country Championships
Reaseheath College, Saturday – Senior Boys (Medal winners, plus selected Mid Cheshire results):
1. Michael Vennard (South Cheshire); 2. Zack Bamber (SJD); 3. Cameron Field (Warrington); 5. Ryan Moore (MCC); 6. Nathan Tipping (SJD); 7. Patrick Stradling (SJD). Teams: 1. Mid Cheshire 20pts.

Senior Girls: 1. Amelia Pettitt (South Cheshire); 2. Tessa McCormick (Chester); 3. Danielle Wallis (Macclesfield); 4. Kate Moulds (SJD); 5. Jade Evans (MCC); 6. Emma Pyatt (St Nicks).

Inter Boys: 1. Elliot Bowker (CHSL); 2. Daniel Evans (Warrington); 3. Matthew Sheen (Chester); 6. Jon Owen (Grange); 18. Matt Rowlinson (CHSL); 20. Alex Castol-Fents (St Nicks); 24. Daniel Morrison (Wins); 25. Jack Oakes (Midd); 28. Kallum Buckley (Weav); 29. Beck Connell (Weav); 31. Euan Swift (CHSL); 32. Daniel Neirsham (Weav); 36. Ben Phillips (Weav); 38. James Pemberton (Weav); 40. Stuart Burgess (Weav); 41. Jack Smith (CHSL). Teams: 3. Mid Cheshire 45pts.

Inter Girls: 1. Katie Gerrard (Grange); 2. Amy Hinchly (Chester); 3. Elizabeth Smith (Warrington); 7. Lucy Scott (CHSL); 12. Hannah Young (Weav); 15. Kate Young (Weav); 18. Lucy Burch (Weav); 22. Faye Williams (Cransley); 25. Holly McCleman (St Nicks); 27. Lauren Haves (CHSL); 28. Phoebe Marsden (CHSL); 29. Amy Jones (Cransley). Teams: 1. Mid Cheshire 35pts.

Junior Boys: 1. Josh Betterley (South Cheshire); 2. Matthew Willis (Chester); 3. Fred Dobberson (South Cheshire); 5. Will Nowell (CHSL); 13. Jacob Robson (CHSL); 15. Robert Weir (St Nicks); 21. Josh Ulyatt (CHSL); 23. Lachlan Chavasse (Grange); 27. Oliver Ayre (Weav); 30. Nile Gibbs (CHSL); 34. Joshua Moore (Weav); 37. Benji Murray (Hart); 41. Thomas Wilson (Weav); 43. Alex Xu (CHSL); 47. Matthew Quinn (Weav). Teams: 3. Mid Cheshire 104pts.

Junior Girls: 1. Zara Thompson (Macclesfield); 2. Katie Lowery (South Cheshire); 3. Melissa Boyer (Warrington); 16. Esme Bridge (Weav); 22. Ella Pemberton (Weav); 26. Meg Butler (Grange); 27. Chloe Dooley (CHSL); 28. Jenny Pyatt (St Nicks); 31. Catherine Gray (Grange); 34. Becky Smith (Hart); 38. Lois Ruebotham (Grange); 39. Kathryn Jackson (St Nicks); 40. Georgia Wilkinson (Hart); 43. Rachel Howard (Grange); 46. Alison Hutchinson (Weav); 49. Chloe Humphries (Hart); 51. Rachel Hamman (Weav). Teams: 5. Mid Cheshire 150pts.

Minor Boys: 1. Ben Lee (Grange); 2. John Humphries (St Nicks); 3. Will Kesteven (South Cheshire); 12. Alex Doyle (Midd); 15. Max Chaplin (Weav); 20. Jamie Harris (Grange); 28. Sam Hanson (CHSL); 37. Jack Billinge (St Nicks); 38. Brendan Collis (Midd); 41. Leon Maddock (St Nicks); 44. Luke Mills (Hart); 46. Lennon Connell (Weav); 50. Daniel Rutherford (Weav); 51. Charlie Dexter (Hart); 52. Alex Ridge (Grange); 54. Bailey Royle (Midd); 57. Finlay Law (CHSL); 58. Harry Armitt (St Nicks). Teams: 2. Mid Cheshire 78pts.

Minor Girls: 1. Georgina Denham (Macclesfield); 2. Caitlin Dimmick (South Cheshire); 3. Issy Clarke (Chester); 5. Faye Singleton (St Nicks); 11. Ellie Cushen (Grange); 20. Ellie Jackson (Cransley); 21. Joanna Ravenscroft (Grange); 23. Charlotte Southern (St Nicks); 25. Katie Bradburn (Cransley); 27. Heidi Cross (Hart); 36. Bree Livesey (Grange); 37.Charlie Hignett (Weav); 43. Sophie Cliffe (CHSL); 44; Pheobe Carlin (CHSL); 45. Helena Koukouvitaki (Weav); 49. Hannah Hateley (Weav); 51. Emily Hill (Grange); 54. Harriet Cosgrove (St Nicks); 55. Millie Nugent (CHSL); 56. Emma Robinson (St Nicks); 58. Beth Goodwin (CHSL); 62. Hannah Bleun (Hart). Teams: 4. Mid Cheshire 109pts.

Key: CHSL, County High School Leftwich; Hart, Hartford CoE High School; MCC, Mid-Cheshire College; Midd, Middlewich High School; SJD, Sir John Deane’s College; St Nicks, St Nicholas RC High School; Weav, Weaverham High School; Wins, Winsford E-Act Academy.