If the police started arresting people for being in possession of Class A stupidity officers would never get any other work done.

A website called Ask the Police created by the Police National Legal Database (no, we’d not heard of that before either) is an online resource that provides answers to the general public's most frequently asked questions.

Many of the questions included on the site are completely sensible, and the answers to them give some very useful information.

Other questions, however, are … how can we put this politely? … a little bit dumb!

We’ve looked through and pulled out 20 of the most ridiculous, and therefore funniest, questions asked of the police.

When browsing down the list keep in mind that these are among the most FREQUENTLY asked questions.

They make you wonder how some people are able to function in everyday life without hurting themselves or others, especially when many of these relate to driving.

Even if you think some of these are legitimate questions, they are certainly not matters to burden the police with.

To its credit, the Ask the Police website gives reasonable answers – it must have been tempting to write “for goodness’ sake!” and “are you for real?!” in response to some of these.

Top 20 stupidest questions people have asked police:

Is cannabis legal?

I go out on a weekend and 'binge' drink, does this mean I have a drink problem?

I have missed a flight because of a road traffic accident on my way to the airport, the insurance company would like some proof, can you help?

Can I be arrested by a police officer if he/she is not wearing a hat?

Foxes etc are scavenging from dustbins and making a mess, what can I do about it?

Northwich Guardian:

Someone has broken into my house and taken some property, is that burglary?

I am stranded in a town where I do not know anyone and I do not have any money to get home, can the police help me?

Who can I report a blocked drain on our street to?

Can I get banned for speeding?

an I use a mobile phone whilst cycling?

Northwich Guardian:

Will the police tell my employer if I commit a motoring offence e.g. drink-driving?

I have seen some spray that can cover my registration number, is it legal?

Is it an offence to urinate in a public place?

What are the rules and regulations with regard to the use of horns on ice cream vans etc?

If I suck a copper coin, will it invalidate the breathalyser test?

Northwich Guardian:

Can I take a 'selfie' while I am driving?

Can I wear sunglasses whilst driving at night?

Can you tell me about sexting?

There is a deer wandering around on the road, what should I do?

Can I use a Taser for self-defence?

Northwich Guardian: Police tasering of man who fell of Worcester roof was "very dangerous"


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