The first of the 5K races is at Delamere Forest on May 10, with two races at Tatton Park on June 6 and 7 and the final event at Arley Hall on July 5.

Paula Jones, Race for Life’s regional event manager for the Delamere Forest race, said: “We hope that everyone will accept our invitation to do something amazing by taking part in Race for Life.

“Women of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes join in and motivate and inspire eachother to complete the 5K course.

“Many simply walk round, chatting and having fun but they all share the wonderful spirit of sisterhood and pride on the day.”

Many of the women who walk, jog and run are cancer survivors themselves or are participating in memory or celebration of a loved one whose life has been touched by cancer.

Cancer Research UK spends more than £17million in the north west every year supporting the work of scientists, doctors and nurses who are dedicated to curing cancer.

Paula said: “The number of people surviving cancer is increasing.

“In the 1960s, less than three out of 10 children diagnosed with cancer were successfully treated. Now it’s seven out of 10.

“Today, more than 95 per cent of men diagnosed with testicular cancer are cured and more women are surviving breast cancer than ever before.

“But we still have a long way to go.

“Despite improvements in treatment, one in four people in the UK will die from cancer.

“Cancer Research UK believes that research is the key to developing better ways of preventing, detecting and treating cancer.”

To sign up for a Race for Life event visit or ring 0871 641 2282.