TIME could be running out for little Jacob Marsland after tests revealed his cancer has returned more aggressive than ever.

The six-year-old Kingsmead boy had been in remission but his parents were devastated after scans showed the disease had spread to his leg, pelvis, clavicle and is also suspected in his lymphatic system and bone marrow.

The cancer is now so advanced that there is no treatment left in the UK, only low dose chemotherapy to prolonged his life.

But this is not an option parents Nicola and Anthony are prepared to accept, and the wheels have been set in motion to seek pioneering treatment for Jacob’s rare form of childhood cancer, neuroblastoma, in America.

Anthony said: “Jacob had his regular health check at the and everything was fine.

“The following evening we noticed two small lumps on his neck. Jacob told us these were painful to the touch, we tried no to panic, but instead gave in to excessive worry and called his consultant.

“We are shocked and devastated as things are far worse than we could have imagined. We have also been told that there is no more ‘curative’ treatment available in the UK. Instead, we have been offered low dose chemotherapy to slow down Jacob’s deterioration and prolong his life.”

The family has taken the tough decision to battle on, and Jacob will start a new round of chemotherapy aimed at controlling the cancer in the next week or so.

Anthony added: “If left untreated, his cancer will not abate and if we simply close our eyes and pretend that everything will be okay, or dwell for too long on the dilemma of putting him through further painful treatment versus maintaining quality of life for Jacob then it may be too late, we need a plan and we need to act swiftly.

“During this treatment we hope to lay the foundations for a subsequent full scale attack on Jacob’s cancer and will travel to the USA to fully explore our options.”

The family needs to raise approximately £250,000 to get Jacob the lifesaving treatment in America. Ways to donate and fundraising ideas can be found at jacobmarslandappeal.org.