A LITTLE boy with cancer will spend two weeks in isolation after undergoing his latest treatment in London.

Jacob Marsland, of Kingsmead, is being cared for at the University College Hospital where a radioactive chemical was due to be injected into his blood stream.

This procedure is an attempt to kill the cancer cells in his bones so the primary tumour can be removed.

But Jacob will be so radioactive that he cannot see his little brother Ben for a month.

"He's actually quite excited about going to London so he can visit the zoo and he likes the fact that he'll have his own room, which he says will be like being in the Tardis, but he'll really miss his brother," said dad Anthony, 42.

Jacob will have to stay in isolation for a week and will then have a week away from the hospital before returning for a second dose and a further week in isolation.

"We will only be able to have minimal contact with Jacob. He understands what he will be going through and will probably cope better than the rest of us.

"When we told him about the treatment, his response was fine', he is so brave," said Anthony.

Two months ago the Northwich Guardian told of Jacob's plight and launched an appeal to raise money for the family so they could take him to America for treatment.

So far, the people of Northwich have raised £10,000 towards the cost of life-saving treatment for the five-year-old patient who has neuroblastoma.

Jacob has a 15cm tumour sitting next to his spine and sadly the cancer has already spread to his bones.

The Hartford Manor pupil has gone to London to undergo MIGB treatment, which should finish in time for Christmas if all goes to plan.

It is the last available hope for the little boy in the UK and if it fails, the 3F8 antibody treatment in America will be his last chance.

Anthony said the response to Jake's plight has been mind blowing.

"Although we are all going through a terrible time at the moment, something good is coming from our experience, and that is seeing all these wonderful people, people we don't even know and have never met, stepping forward to do something to help us," he said.

If you would like to make a donation or help with fundraising, you can call Frances Kindon on 01606 813621 or click on the link below