WORK is under way on a £125,000 programme to revitalise Whitley Village Hall.

Wren and Biffa provided money to replace the existing asbestos roof, which has been deteriorating, and refurbish the main hall and store areas.

Steve Moore, chairman of the Whitley Village Hall Committee, believes the facility will make a huge difference to the lives of people living in the area.

He said: “This project will provide a real boost to Whitley.

“It’s fantastic that we have been awarded this funding and we’re really looking forward to our village hall refurbishment taking shape over the next four months.

“Numerous community groups meet here every month, which together with many other events and activities reflect the important role the village hall plays both today and we hope in the years to come.”

Richard Smith WREN’s grant manager for Cheshire, said: “It is always nice to see something we have funded start to take shape.

“We’re delighted to be supporting Whitley Village Hall in the essential project to replace the roof and look forward to it benefitting community groups for years to come.”

Gillian French, head of grants at Biffa Award, added: “Biffa Award is really pleased to be able to support this project to replace an old and outdated roof to this popular community centre. We previously funded an extension to the village hall and it is fantastic to see the centre being used by the community.”

Steve hopes the village hall will be ready to use by February 2018.