ARTEFACTS discovered in the past two years will go on display at the Lion Salt Works Museum.

The archaeological finds tell the story of salt production around the Lion Salt Works and Wincham areas of Northwich and can be seen until November 13.

Community volunteers dug several test pits on the site and excavated the edges of buildings and an old canal arm as well as artefacts of interest such as some leather shoes.

Caroline Foster, Saltscape project officer for the dig said: “This has been a really fascinating dig and is the only archaeological excavation of a salt works in the country.

“It is a really valuable piece of our local salt mining history.

“It has been fantastic to work with such enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers and it would be brilliant to continue archaeological work on this site in the future as it feels like we have only scratched the surface of what there is to find.”

The locations of the test pits had been carefully chosen from GIS surveying to compare the current site with historical maps.

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