CHESHIRE Police has launched a social media campaign with Get Safe Online.

Launched on August 21, it includes a short guide with safety tips on how to be protected from accidentally disclosing private information to cyber criminals.

The campaign coincides with the summer holidays which is a time where many people are sharing pictures on social media accounts which inadvertently reveals where they are.

DS Brian Faint, economic crime unit, said: “It is really imperative that you stay safe online when using your social media accounts.

“Criminals thrive on obtaining your personal information from these accounts to commit fraud, cyber and cyber enabled crime.

“Without your information they cannot commit this crime. Therefore I urge you to think before you post any social media messages and asked yourself who will access this information.”

The safety tips include – checking privacy settings, being aware of the amount of information on profiles, not clicking on fraudulent websites, controlling what you post online and reporting any kind of abuse.

Tony Neate, chief executive of Get Safe Online, said: “Social media is one of the best ways to keep in touch with friends and family.

“If your social media accounts are open for anyone to see and you post that you’re heading off to Greece for a week, you’re effectively putting an advert out online.

“Our tips aren’t designed to frighten you or put you off using social media but how to have a safe and enjoyable online experience.”