SCORES of children have been flocking to Northwich Library for as part of the Summer Reading Challenge.

Libraries across the borough have been holding a host of events for youngsters.

The Summer Reading Challenge encourages children aged 4 to 11 to read six books during the long summer holiday. This year’s theme is animal detective-themed ‘Animal Agents’.

On Thursday, August 17, the library hosted the Animals Takeover event.

Children got the chance to get up close with a variety of animals during the event, including a Barn Owl, Tree Frog, Leopard Gecko and Royal Pythons.

Victoria Hunter, from Northwich Library, said: “The children were absolutely fascinated, they really enjoyed it.

“They learnt about the animals’ habitat and how they interact with other animals.

“They were really engaged. Children are always fascinated whenever animals come out they were stroking them, petting them and playing with them. They really enjoyed it.”

On Monday, youngsters were visited by a Chester Zoo Safari Ranger.

Ms Hunter said: “The ranger brought a range of items to do with various animals.

“They brought a lot of items to do with senses – the children were smelling them and tasting them and feeling things animals would do.

“The children loved it. They seemed to really enjoy it. I heard lots of ‘urgh gross’ and laughter.”

On Monday, August 14 they met Arnie the Armadillo, star of the self-titled series of children’s books.

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