A CAT brought back from the brink of death by a blood transfusion has had a heart-warming meeting with the donor who saved his life.

The two fighting fit felines were brought together by Dr Ian Hopkins, Principal Vet for the Willows Veterinary Group, as part of his appeal to find more cat owners to join a feline blood donor register which has helped save the life of 11-year-old house cat Jamie.

Zoe Storer signed her four-year old cat Tilly up to the register last year, and was called up by Dr Hopkins after he ordered an emergency blood transfusion to boost Jamie’s own ailing supply.

Tilly, who was diagnosed with severe anaemia, made a dull recovery following the transfusion, and has since been reunited with his heroic life-saver.

Jamie’s owner David Morrell, 66, said: “The blood he received was a real lifesaver. He’s still on medication but he’s now back home and full of life, feeding and eating and giving us the run-around like he always did.

“It was really fantastic to meet Tilly the donor cat and Zoe her owner and to shake her hand for what she did by joining the database, which I think is an absolutely brilliant idea.”

To say thanks, David and his wife Maureen bought Tilly some vouchers for a pet supermarket and some Zoe some chocolates for Zoe.

Tilly’s owner Zoe Storer, an accountant from Byley near Middlewich, said: “It was great to meet Jamie and his owners and to hear his story. This really illustrates the benefit of the donor database.

“Getting the two cats together was a nice idea. They got on together without any fur flying I’m pleased to report.”

Dr Hopkins is based primarily at Willows Veterinary Group’s Holly House surgery in Knutsford but also works at the Hartford hospital.

He said the meeting arranged between the two cats and their owners was the first time a cat blood donor and the recipient have ever been brought together.

He hopes Tilly’s success story encourages more cat owners to join the register and potentially save another moggy’s life.

He said: “Transfusions can save an animal’s life but up to now we’ve tended to get blood only from staff members with cats and clients we know well.

“By setting up the donor database we want to spread the net further by having a register of people we know we can turn to when the need arises.”

To register for the blood donor database, contact Willows Veterinary Hospital on 01606 723202.