AN ECO-FRIENDLY community group will be giving away unwanted items to be recycled during an event at Northwich Market in May.

On May 13, will see unwanted items will be given away for free by the Transition Northwich, a group that aims to help people move from a life rich in oil to one where oil is in less demand.

The group’s ‘Gifting Spaces’ events will allow people to divert unloved items from an untimely end in landfill to new owners.

Beth Barlow, Transition group member and artist, said: “A top might be bobbly and worn but the buttons lovely for other clothes or arty projects.

“A toy might be broken but have wheels that can be reused”

“When you start to pull things apart into their material bits you find that there are lots of bits you can reuse.

“The Gifting Spaces will give us the time to do this and present the parts back as useful or inspirational new things.

“We also hope to have some volunteers who are good at mending and breathing new life into old items. ”

The event will be the first of five events in the Northwich area.

If you would like to help with the project or find out more you can email or call Beth Barlow on 07828148123.