A LONG-haired pensioner plans to shave off her locks to help improve people's lives after brain injury.

Elaine Giannone, 62, put her hand up for the challenge to raise money for the charity Headway after she started volunteering at its Northwich shop.

The event itself takes place outside the Leicester Street shop at 1pm on Saturday, September 20.

Elaine, from Barnton, said: "People say I don't act my age and I definitely don't feel it.

"After eight years of growing my really long hair it's time to do something funky with it.

"People who are involved in car accidents or sustain other kinds of brain injury often have their heads shaved before undergoing brain surgery.

"They don't have a choice – I do.

"I want to shave my hair as a mark of solidarity for these people."

Elaine, who moved to Northwich from America in 1999 with her late husband David, decided it was time to sacrifice her tresses for Headway after they grew past the base of her spine.

She said: "Headway is such a worthwhile cause.

"I am hoping that by hosting my fundraiser outside of the shop it will raise awareness of the work the charity does for families affected by brain injury, as well as encourage people to donate stock for Headway's Northwich charity shop."