A THEATRE group is getting ever closer to performing its biggest production this month.

Mid Cheshire Youth Theatre (MCYT) will perform Seussical, based on the books of Dr Seuss, at the Harlequin Theatre, in Queen Street, from September 18 to 20.

Caitlin Sherwood, from the team, gives an update on rehearsals:

Once Seussical was four weeks away it became time to start rehearsing more frequently and we added Sunday rehearsals as well as our standard weekly rehearsal.

Not only have we been working hard on preparing the set for the show, Dawn Sherwood has worked very hard on designing and painting the set, which is very important in all productions as it must represent the style of the show.

In Seussical it is very important to have a colourful and vibrant set.

The costume is also very important and Sue Hancock has been working tirelessly, and has produced some spectacular costumes!

The Seussical band have also been working very hard.

Teamwork is vital in any production but especially in Seussical where there are no solos – characters are reliant on each other and have learned to trust others more.

Many characters appear together throughout the entire show for example the Bird Girls and the Wickersham Brothers.

For these characters to be portrayed properly it is vital that the actors have a strong bond between themselves.

Having now blocked, choreographed and sung through all of the numbers, it is now time to run the show and adjust any minor problems.

This stage is very important in any production as it is where the show begins to come together and keeps on improving until it's show time!

Lighting is very important in Seussical, this is because it is a colourful, flamboyant show which requires lots of lighting effects which is why the committee have decided to invest in new lights for Seussical.

The committee have also decided to not include any strobe lighting in Seussical which means that the performance is suitable for people with epilepsy.

With this being the biggest production that MCYT has ever performed, the youth committee are currently embarking on a big publicity drive to ensure we perform to full houses every night.

Tickets are now on sale and are available from http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/mcmtc