A CAKE shop was evacuated and firefighters called in after a gas canister went out of control in Davenham.

Mother and daughter team Fiona and Sara Goulden were preparing a cake and balloons for a wedding when the helium gas canister they were using at Supa Dupa Cakes started dispersing helium uncontrollably.

"The beauty salon next door thought it was a ruptured water main," said Fiona.

"I can't explain how loud the noise was.

"It was this rushing sound, like water, it was so scary.

"I had my back to Sarah when she was doing the balloons and to me it just sounded like it was going to explode.

"I just said 'get out' because I didn't want to risk anyone whatsoever so we ran down the stairs as quickly as possible, out of the shop and got the neighbours out and got everyone across the road."

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service was called out and sent two fire engines to the shop, in London Road.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus took the canister out of the premises, opening doors and windows to ventilate the rooms.

Fiona said: "We don't know quite what happened, we can't say it was a faulty valve or tank, it was just one of those things.

"One of the firemen said we did absolutely the right thing getting everyone out because helium is an asphyxiator when in the quantities that that was.

"He said people take in small amounts to make them speak in a high voice but in the amount that was it's extremely dangerous."

Fiona and Sarah were not allowed back in the shop for about an hour after the incident, which happened at 3.40pm on August 21.

Staff at the Flower Emporium, in London Road, came to the aid of Supa Dupa Cakes, letting them fill the remaining three balloons for the wedding.