We’ve come up with the top ten things that show you’re definitely from Northwich – see if you agree! 


1 If you haven’t complained about the Northwich traffic in the last few days – and the dreaded gyratory - then you’re probably on holiday

Northwich Guardian: Storrington road closure for £150,000 drainage works

2 Despite moaning about the number of charity and discount shops in town, you're an expert when it comes to shopping for a bargain

Northwich Guardian: Sophie Brownson Work Experience at St David's Charity Shop. Sophie hangs the clothes on the rail ready to go into the shop. (5514375)

3 You’re secretly quite pleased that Gary Barlow is from Northwich

Northwich Guardian: Gary Barlow is ending the year with a family holiday

4 A week isn’t complete without a Birtwisles pie or a Webbs sausage roll

Northwich Guardian: Nick Birtwisle gets ready to celebrate baking the 30millionth pie Picture by Geoff Statham g093632

5 You’ve had an encounter with the White Lady at Marbury Park

Northwich Guardian: SCARY SIGHT: The Marbury Lady as she will appear in a short film about the legend.

6 You don’t believe that anything will EVER happen at Baron’s Quay

Northwich Guardian: A view of the proposed new food store.

7 You have a theory on the Blue Balls

Northwich Guardian:

8 You will always call Weaver Hall Museum the ‘Salt Museum’

Northwich Guardian: Re-enactors from the Cheshire Home Guard will how visitors what life was like in Northwich in the Second World War.

9 Staying on the salt theme, there isn’t actually anything you don’t know about SALT

Northwich Guardian: Many everyday foods contain a lot of salt, which can be bad for you

10 You still mourn the loss of the Regal, even though you hadn’t been there for years before it closed

Northwich Guardian: The End


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