VILLAGERS worried about speeding traffic are urged to raise their concerns with their local councillor.

The call follows a traffic survey in Lostock Green, which revealed one in four drivers were breaking the speed limit.

The survey was carried out over a week by a group of local residents, and was aimed at making drivers aware of the 30 miles an hour speed limit in Birches Lane.

The speed of traffic was recorded by a Smiley SID (Speed Indication Device).

Speeds were recorded from 7am to 7pm, and 26 per cent of vehicles were found to be travelling at more than 34 miles an hour, and five per cent at more than 40 miles an hour.

The survey was conducted on the section of Birches Lane south of the A556, much of which is flanked by housing, and was organised by local resident Margaret Weedall.

"The aim of the survey was to raise awareness of the speed limit, and we need something permanent that will slow vehicles down," she said.

One of the residents who took part in the survey was Ros Todhunter, who lives in Birches Lane.

She is calling on residents concerned about speeding through the village to contact their local Cheshire West and Chester ward councillor, Mark Stocks.

Residents are also invited to put their suggestions to Cllr Stocks on measures they feel would help to cut speed through the village.

"People speed through the village all the time, a mixture of local people and people coming off the A556," said Ros.

"There have been a lot of near misses, and we have an awful lot of HGVs going through the village.

"A lot of vehicles use it as a short cut, especially with Plumley Moor Road being closed at the moment, and I'm regularly woken at 7am by the sound of speeding cars from drivers going to work.

"It is very frustrating drivers only slowed down when the SID sign was flashing at them, and we need something permanent to slow traffic down because drivers' behaviour has not changed."

Mark Stocks can be contacted at