FED-UP dad Kenton Barker has appealed to youngsters to think of others when they use play equipment.

Kenton spent half an hour clearing sand from new equipment at Wincham before his daughter could use it.

The equipment is at the newly-expanded Linnards Lane playing field, which Kenton visited with his wife Kath and 14-month-old daughter Elizabeth.

“We did not expect to have to spend more than half an hour clearing sand from the new toddlers’ slide and tube before our daughter could get through the tube,” said Kenton, vice-chairman of Wincham Parish Council.

“Not only did we have to transport loads of sand back to the sandpit from there, but we also had to spend time clearing the new toddlers’ play house, which was also full of sand.

“What we expected to be a nice family visit turned out to be a time of clearing up after other people. This was selfish and spoilt the fun of the toddlers, for who these brilliant new smaller items of equipment are designed.”

Kenton sent us pictures of the sand-covered tube and play house, and urged parents of older children and older children themselves to consider other people who use the play area and to treat it with respect.