A CUDDINGTON businesswoman is on a mission to get office workers ‘flippin’ fit’.

Hilary Heptinstall, founder of ‘flippin’ fit’, based in the village, has launched the flippin’ fit office book.

Hilary created the unique book to help people carry out simple exercises in an effective way, at their work desk, or even in their home.

Recent studies have highlighted that sitting down for long periods of time can lead to significantly greater risks of certain cancers as well as heart disease and diabetes.

Regardless of how much exercise is taken outside of work, the danger arises while sat at a desk all day, something many of us are guilty of.

Hilary said the answer is to incorporate some activity into your working day, even the simplest of exercises.

Hilary, who is also a qualified personal trainer, GP referral consultant and fitness instructor, said: “One of the major risks of being in an office environment is staying in the same position for too long.

“Even sitting with good posture can still cause problems if you are stuck in one position for eight hours continuously.

“It can cause headaches, stiff joints, lethargy, backaches which can lead to days off work and ongoing health issues which might not reveal themselves until much later.

“Metabolism slows down which can result in larger waists, obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases even if exercise is undertaken at other times.

“We can, however, do something about this – we can move regularly throughout the day. flippin’ fit office helps people exercise conveniently, in realistic chunks, at their office desk, for maximum effectiveness in minimum time.”

The book is divided into three sections to target different areas of the body and the book can be placed on your work desk like a desktop calendar, acting as a constant reminder to exercise.

All readers need to do is flip the page and do any exercise any time during the day or follow the book through systematically in a variety of ways.

Books can be purchased directly through Amazon’s website or through the flippin’ fit website at flippinfitbooks.com.