FOOTBALL club secretary Mike Alcock has thanked local companies for their offers of help to replace vandalised goals.

Small-sided goals were bought by Rudheath Social FC for younger children, who struggled to play with the larger goals.

The goals were bought for the top end of the pitch on Griffiths Park at a cost of £250.

They were put up in April, but within a few weeks had been damaged, and were vandalised again recently, this time beyond repair.

Mr Alcock appealed for help to replace the goals, and was inundated with offers from local firms Thor Chemicals, Rojac and U Lockit, and Sport England – via a Rudheath resident who works for the organisation.

He was very grateful for the offers, but obtained a set of goals that were being stored at Haslington Village Hall, near Crewe.

The goals are made of metal, which Mr Alcock hopes will be more vandal-proof, compared to the plastic ones that were damaged.

He has painted the goals and used undamaged netting from the vandalised goals to attach to the new posts.

“There was a great response to the article in the Guardian and on its website about the vandalism,” said Mr Alcock.

“Although we did not need to take anyone up on their offer, it is nice to know we have the support of local firms and Sport England, who offered to do anything they could to help.

“The goals have been put up, are staked to the ground and children are already using them.”