A COUPLE from Cuddington have been to see the Queen to tell her of the good work done by a charity close to their hearts.

David and Louise Parry were invited to a reception with the Queen and Prince Philip at Chatsworth House as representatives of Fanconi Hope, which is fundraising to research fanconi anaemia.

Their daughter Amy, a pupil at Weaverham High School, is one of only 150 people in the UK who has this rare genetic condition, which leaves people predisposed to cancer.

Louise became treasurer of Fanconi Hope after the charity helped Amy and the family.

Around 80 people were invited to the reception, at Chatsworth’s painted hall, with other charities represented alongside members of the Armed Forces.

They were served with champagne and canapés while waiting for the royal party.

Louise said: “We were stood either side of the staircase in the painted hall, and the Duke went along one side and the Queen went along the other.

“They crossed in front of the stairs and went along the other side.

“ I have to admit I was very nervous, we were told we could keep hold of our glasses, but I put mine down in case I dropped it.

“We were nearest to the staircase and we were introduced to the Queen first.

“We had to have a badge on showing our charity and name, and she asked me what our charity did.

“I explained our connection through Amy, and that we were raising money for research, and to improve the consistency of care for Fanconi patients.

“When we were introduced to the Duke he shook both our hands, and asked a similar question, to which I gave a similar answer.”

She added: “Both the Queen and Prince Philip looked wonderful, and they had already met a lot of people on the day before us.

“We were both very honoured to have the opportunity to attend, and for the recognition of the charity, and the work that we do.”