A BAKERY is helping families make the most of summer and keep boredom at bay.

Roberts Bakery, at Gadbrook Park, has put together ’50 Days of Summer’, a day-to-day guide to keeping youngsters entertained throughout July and August.

The pack is free to download and brimming with inspiration on a budget, from far-flung days out to local favourites, classic back garden games and indoor fun for rainy days.

The booklet is also full of inventive picnic-friendly recipes designed by acclaimed nutritionist Dr Carina Norris, from C4’s Turn Back Your Body Clock and author of four You Are What You Eat books.

Tim Wild, commercial director at Roberts Bakery, said: “It’s not easy being a parent.

“We all love the summer holidays because it spells quality time with our kids – but the inspiration pot can quickly run dry with ideas that are affordable.

“50 Days of Summer aims to give parents a helping hand.”

The pack starts on July 19.

To download it click here.