A ONE-year-old boy from Castle, who has been fighting for his life since he was just nine weeks old, visited the nurses who look after him with his mum to present a £3,000 donation.

Harry Lee suffers from laryngomalacia and tracheomalacia, which causes the windpipe to collapse, as well as hypnotopia, which means Harry has floppy limbs and no speech.

Natasha Hamilton, Harry’s mum, said: “The nurses on ward 17 at Leighton Hospital have saved Harry’s life more than once, they have been absolutely brilliant.”

Natasha and Harry along with nana Julie Carlon who held an auction at her pub the Iron Brudge to raise funds, took a cheque of £3,000 to the ward to thank the life-saving nurses.

Natasha Hamilton with her son Harry and nana Julie Carlon and staff at Leighton Hospital