EVENING buses have been cut again in Moulton.

Residents have been concerned about public transport to and from the village after service reductions in April and October last year.

This meant that there was not a bus to the village centre from Northwich after 5.40pm.

Now the number 37E bus, that went to Beehive Corner, at the edge of the village, at 6pm and 7pm has been cut back.

Moulton resident Allan Leach said: “My wife and I returned by bus from Chester at 18.45 into Northwich, expecting to catch the 19.00 (37E), dropping off at Beehive Corner, in Moulton.

“We were waiting at the bus stop with other people from Moulton, only to be told by a bus driver that all buses towards Moulton from Northwich after 17.45 were cut from June 2.

“We shared a taxi, luckily from the rank, otherwise we would have been stranded.”

He added: “I predicted that Arriva would continue to cut buses when they began the reduction process over 18 months ago.

“It seems that public transport is continually being downgraded for people living south of the town.

“How can we make our voices heard?”

He has also written to Moulton Parish Council but members are at a loss.

Phil Sanders, parish clerk, said: “The parish council has done all it can – it has spoken to Arriva, made representations to Cheshire West and Chester Council but it’s just a finance issue.

“There is no money to fund the buses in the evening.”