THERE is a real buzz in the air in the community-minded village of Goostrey.

Boo-Chic, a new ladies fashion shop, has opened at 85a Main Road, with its black and hot pink signage and six-foot stiletto in the window.

It is a welcome addition to the village and surrounding areas as residents currently have to travel to buy these kind of items.

Mandie Curzon, a local businesswoman and mother of four, decided to open the shop in Goostrey as she wanted to spend more time in the village and to be able to provide a gesture of support to several local schools.

Customers will be able to choose from the schools Boo-Chic is currently supporting – Goostrey Pre-School, Goostrey Community Primary School, Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School and Kings School in Macclesfield.

“Customers can choose who the donation goes to by choosing one of four shoe money boxes,” said Mandie.

Mandie has four children – Phoebe, aged 12, Amelie, eight, Scarlet-Rose, three and Cole, two.

Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School is attended by Mandie’s niece Gemma Challiner, aged 11.

Boo-Chic offers a range of fashion choices from high street to designer labels.

Pre-owned, vintage and new items are available – often allowing customers to buy designer shoes and bags at less than 50 per cent of the original price.

“The response from local people has been amazing,” said Mandie.

"Lots of customers are saying how exciting it is to have a boutique in the village. I hope that people will come and support us and local business.”