A MUM from Comberbach is hoping her nature campaign will take flight and help preserve homes for summer visitors.

Jacquie Ledward fears that swifts are in decline in Nothwich and hopes measures can be included in regeneration schemes for the town to ensure that the migratory birds return year after year for generations to come.

“I’m not really an expert but I love birds,” she said.

“When I see swifts and swallows I know that summer’s come.

“When I was young the sky was full of them and when they’re nesting they make a particular screeching noise.

“You hardly ever hear that now, “I’ve seen six in Northwich and there used to be so many, I thought that is awful.

“I’ve got a 14-year-old daughter and what’s going to be left for her?”

Swifts only visit the UK for three months each year and experts fear their decline is being caused by a lack of nesting sites as older buildings where they could find a gap are demolished or renovated.

Jacquie said: “Northwich is reinventing itself and they probably used to come here because of all the old buildings with gaps in their roofs – they nest inside but they’re not messy or invasive, they’re delightful.”

She said regeneration plans for the town could instead prove an opportunity to help swifts, with construction methods to include homes for them as well as people.

“There are many simple alterations that can be done to buildings,” she said.

“There are special bricks that can be used to make homes for swifts and they aren’t an expensive venture.

“Ordinary people can make homes as well by getting swift boxes and putting them on their houses.

“I believe the regeneration project of Northwich is exciting and much needed and this project provides us all with the opportunity to help preserve and protect nature.”

To help Jacquie’s campaign email her on swiftcampaign@outlook.com