A WEAVERHAM pensioner has praised the ‘fantastic’ work of Northwich police officers after they tracked down and returned his stolen mobility scooter.

Roy Yearsly was left virtually housebound after the £850 machine was pinched from outside his house in Walnut Avenue six weeks ago.

But after detective work by Nortwhich PCs Peter Cole and David Macfarlane, the 75-year-old is able to get out and about again.

“It’s absolutely fantastic. The police officers have done a great job,” said Roy.

“I’d left it round the side of the house and they stole it while I was in bed.

“I have trouble getting to the shops without it. I’ve realised now that it will actually fit through the front door, so I can keep it safe inside from now on.

“I wasn’t really expecting it back, but it’s been returned in brilliant condition.”

So resigned was Roy to losing his transport, that he went out and got another scooter to replace it.

“I’ve taken that back to the shop now, but for a short time both scooters were outside the front door.

“The neighbours must have thought I’d won the pools. It looked like I had one for during the week and one for the weekends!”

After Roy reported the theft, officers were able to trace the scooter to a local address.

Police have arrested a 39-year-old Weaverham man in connection with offence.