FOOTBALLERS and leisure complex staff have been praised for helping to save the life of a spectator who collapsed at a cup final.

Players raced across to help Mark Kettle, aged 40, before staff at Moss Farm Leisure Complex used a defibrillator in a bid to revive him.

Mr Kettle, who is believed to come from Greenbank, collapsed during the second half of the Roberts Bakery Trophy final between AFC Oneballdon and MA Repairs.

The competition is part of the Moss Farm 7 a side football league, and one of the spectators at the final was league secretary Brian Maddock.

“I saw the man going down and some players running across to him,” said Mr Maddock. “It looked like he had broken his leg, but then everyone realised it was more serious.

“A player from AFC Oneballdon started resuscitation on the man before staff from Moss Farm came across with a defibrillator, and then the ambulance arrived.

“The man was unconscious for a long period, but was revived, and players helped to get him onto the stretcher and to carry him to the ambulance.”

Mr Maddock said Mr Kettle’s life had been saved thanks to the use of the defibrillation equipment and the efforts of the players, Moss Farm staff and paramedics.

“The Moss Farm staff did very well and kept very calm, and everyone who helped did a great job,” he said.

The match took place on the evening of Tuesday, May 6, and was abandoned following Mr Kettle’s collapse. He was taken by ambulance to Leighton Hospital.

A spokesman for Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust described Mr Kettle’s condition on Monday as “stable.”

Moss Farm Leisure Complex is run by Brio Leisure on behalf of Cheshire West and Chester Council.

“The man was a spectator at a football match, and upon his collapse the Brio team of staff undertook first aid treatment by the use of a defibrillator, followed by CPR, until the paramedic team arrived on site and took over,” said Brio Leisure managing director Elly McFahn.

“The man was taken to hospital, where he remained in intensive care. “He was initially placed into an induced coma, but we understand that he was brought out of this towards the end of last week.

“He is, to our knowledge, still in hospital receiving ongoing treatment.”

North West Ambulance Service received a call at 7.54pm to say a man was suffering convulsions, was not breathing and CPR was in progress. On arrival paramedics continued CPR and used a defibrillator to treat Mr Kettle.

Mr Maddock said the match was abandoned following agreement between both sides, with MA Repairs leading 1-0 when it was stopped seven minutes before the end.

Because of the circumstances it was agreed not to hold formal presentations, and boxed awards were given to the teams.