A FORMER Premier League linesman whose current role involves looking after Cheshire’s referees has beaten the world’s most famous banker.

Trevor Massey, 54, is Cheshire FA’s Referee Development Officer based at Moss Farm in Northwich, and walked away with £26,000 after appearing on Channel 4’s ‘Deal or No Deal’ on Sunday, May 4.

Trevor – who was on the Premier League list for 12 years – retired in 2010 after an incredible career that saw him run the line in the 2008 FA Cup Final as well as appearances in the Community Shield and the Football League Play-Offs.

He told the Guardian he had long harboured thoughts of appearing on the popular show.

“It has been an ambition of mine for years and years and while I was on the Premier League list I couldn’t commit to the time,” he said.

“I was in Bristol (where it is filmed) for two and a half weeks. They put us up in a hotel and it’s four or five shows a day starting at 8am and finishing at 6pm, so it’s a long day.

“When you see the emotions on the show, they are real. You are living with everyone for two and a half weeks and all the talk is about the game.

“You are in a bit of bubble and when I did it, it was over Christmas and New Year and you’re spending all day with rabbit ears on doing an Easter show!”

Trevor accepted an offer of £26,000 from the banker – and later found his box only contained £3,000 – but declined the chance to open box 23, which can give participants the chance to double their money – or lose it all.

“It’s easy sat in the wings to say you’re going to pick box 23 but when you are sat in the chair, that is your money and you think about things differently,” he added.

“There was a little regret for about five minutes that I didn’t double my money by picking box 23.

“But I had a figure in my head and the banker exceeded that so to pick up what I did pick up was amazing.”

And Trevor said he was looking to follow in the steps of Northwich resident Fred Burgess who beat the ‘Cube’ on ITV recently.

“I want to go on the Cube next,” he said.

“That’s the one for me.”