ENTHUSIASTIC villagers are needed to help their community.

Barnton Parish Council should have 15 councillors, but currently has only nine and was forced to cancel its latest meeting because of the lack of councillors who attended.

Concern over the number of vacancies on the council has prompted it to launch a recruitment drive in a bid to attract new people to serve.

The parish council meets every month at Barnton Pentecostal Church, and meetings normally last for between two and two and a half hours.

The council chairman is Helen Kirsopp, who has served on the council for almost a decade.

“The parish council is extremely short of councillors, and is looking for new faces who are representative of all ages and community sectors,” said Helen.

She said the council had lost a number of councillors over the past 12 months, and it had not had a full complement during her time on the council or before.

The scheduled meeting of the council on April 28 was cancelled shortly after the 7.30pm start as the number of councillors attending did not meet the necessary quorum figure of five, with absences being due mainly to illness.

Helen said that the council is seeking people to join who want to help their community.

“Within meetings you need to be able to keep an open mind, have a point of view and be able to stand up and articulate it, but bow to the rule of the majority in debate and then be loyal to that decision,” she said.

“Otherwise, enthusiasm is more important than experience, and training is available to develop you in your role.”

The council is responsible for village amenities such as the recreation grounds, woods and cemetery, runs a variety of community activities, has input on planning applications and funds local groups.

There are also many opportunities to volunteer in the community or help with the administration of the council.

To find out more contact the clerk, Phillip Evoy, on 782936/07489344940, or come to one of the council meetings, details of which appear on the village website, barntonvillage.org.uk.