A FAMILY have been praised for their courage and bravery after they woke to find a burglar in their bedroom.

Northwich man Peter Finney has been jailed after he admitted breaking into the Kingsway home of the Spring family in the early hours of March 21.

The 32-year-old appeared at Chester Crown Court on April 22, where he was sentenced to three years and seven months imprisonment.

The court heard from victim Alan Spring who tackled Finney and detained him until the police arrived, despite Finney threatening to stab him.

They found out that Finney had been in every room in the house, which was occupied by Mr Spring, his wife and their two young children.

He admitted he had smashed a back window to get into the house, injuring himself in the process.

Mr Spring, a plasterer, used the Victim Personal Statement, which all victims have chance to write and have presented at court, to explain how traumatic the incident had been.

After sentence was passed Mr Spring, said: “No matter what sentence Finney would have received it will not undo the damage he has caused to my family.

“I hope he gets the help he needs in prison to stop anyone else going through what we have.”

The officer in the case, DC Christian Morris said: "Although crimes of this nature are rare, it leaves consequences on the family far after the sentence is passed.

“Having spent time with the Spring family throughout the investigation, they have remained dignified and respectful in the quest for justice.

“Both Alan and his wife have shown great courage and bravery throughout and should be proud of their actions, underlined by the Judge in his summary."