A Sir John Deane’s College student felt ‘on top of the world’ before being killed in a motorbike accident, an inquest has heard.

Sam Carson was just half a mile from home when he fell from his red Honda CBS 125cc motorbike in Alpraham at 4.22pm on Saturday, July 6.

“He’d spent the weekend with his girlfriend and her family. They’d been at Northwich Carnival in the afternoon. He drove home on top of the world,” said Sam’s father, Jasper.

Mr Carson described his pride one morning at watching Sam drive to college – unaware his dad was watching on his way to work a few cars behind.

“It was the second time I’d seen him on the bike, but it was the first time that he didn’t realise I was there, until I overtook him and honked my horn,” he said.

“I was really quite proud of him and the way he was driving.

“He was sensible on his bike, and we’re proud and grateful to him for that.”

Witnesses told the inquest they saw Sam riding carefully, within the speed limit, on the Nantwich-bound lane of the A51 before the accident near the Travellers Rest pub, outside Alpraham.

Witnesses described seeing the bike wobble, and Sam briefly looking over toward his back wheel.

He tried to regain control of the bike but it mounted a grass verge and collided with a speed sign and lamppost.

The 18-year-old was airlifted to North Staffordshire Hospital, but died shortly afterwards.

A vehicle inspection expert found the bike’s chain had 60mm of slack compared to the 20mm recommendation, but there was no evidence it would lead to a loss of control.

Cheshire coroner, Nicholas Rheinberg, said: “He was riding in a proper manner at sensible speed over quite a considerable distance.

“What’s clear is that the motorcycle started to snake. From describing a straight line it started to move from left to right and within a very short time the front wheel mounted the grass kerb, continuing along the kerb and falling over, ejecting Sam from the motorcycle.

“Just by horrible chance there were two obstacles; a lamppost and a speed sign which he struck. If not for these, Sam would not have been bruised.

“Unfortunately, despite the huge efforts by attending medical staff, the injuries were profound and were un-survivable in any circumstances.

“It may be that the chain being slack did set in course a series of events. If it gave a surge in speed or slapped against the side of the motorcycle that would certainly be distracting.

“It would be an impulse to look down and that motion could start a series of events that was irresolvable without a crash.”

Mr Rheinberg recorded the cause of death as 1a multiple injuries as a result of a road traffic collision.