VILLAGERS are invited to suggest ways of helping to fund Lostock Green’s newsletter.

Gossip on the Green keeps residents informed about what’s going on locally, and is put together by Ros Todhunter from Birches Lane.

It is also emailed to former Lostock Greeners as far away as Pakistan.

The newsletter was launched in 2010, and is delivered six times a year to 180 homes.

It has been produced for free thanks to the support of a resident, but as it has grown the decision was taken to have it printed by a local printer.

As a result it will need to pay its way, and Ros has been given £230 by Lostock Gralam Parish Council towards the annual costs of the newsletter, which are between £600 and £700.

“Since December 2010 a local resident has been doing the final layout of the newsletter, printing and even delivering it – very professionally and all done voluntarily,” said Ros.

“Thanks to his generosity we have had a free newspaper, but as the number of pages has grown it has eaten into his spare time, and the first edition of 2014 has been printed by a Lostock Gralam printer, paid for by adverts.”

Ros said to keep it going in the future the newsletter would have to pay its way through adverts, donations from the parish council and others and fundraising activities.

She asked residents to contact her at with ideas for generating more newsletter income.

“The newsletter is also emailed to Pakistan and even to a former villager in the Merchant Navy,” said Ros.

“Far-flung Lostock Greeners like to keep in touch with the folks back home and their roots, and even send in news.”