A DISAPPOINTED shopkeeper said he feels Weaver Square Shopping Centre has been abandoned by those in power.

Dave Hodkinson, who runs The Kitchen Garden in the square, blasted centre owners, landlords, management company, fellow shop owners and the town council in an attempt to prompt some action.

Speaking at the April Northwich Town Council meeting he said: “Since I took the shop in town square it is apparent that Weaver Square, once the centrepiece of Northwich, has been abandoned by its current owners, Nationwide Building Society, Cheshire West and Chester Council, the current landlords, Colliers International, the alleged management company, Quality Save, once a thriving business in the square that now locks its doors on Weaver Square, and Northwich Town Council, another guilty of the abandonment of the town square.”

He argued that not only was the fabric of the centre itself being neglected but it was also being ignored during events like the artisan market, which take place in Witton Street.

“I’m by no means an expert but the alarming lack of general maintenance in the square is shocking,” he said.

“There is clearly a very bad problem that has been ignored for some years and I would invite all the above to walk around with me with the points I have seen – it is shocking.”

He added: “Also of huge concern is the exclusion of the Weaver Square Shopping Centre by Northwich Town Council – ignored at Christmas by the town events and again by the artisan market.”

Chris Shaw, town council clerk, said the council’s hands were tied when it came to Weaver Square Shopping Centre because it is privately owned.

“As a town council we don’t have any say in what goes on in Weaver Square,” he said.

“You should be approaching Colliers and if you want help doing that, that’s something the town council can do.”

He added: “In terms of the artisan market, that’s an independent company and we can’t instruct them to go into Weaver Square or go anywhere.”

Town mayor Clr Bob Robinson pointed out that Quality Save had locked its doors to the square because of its security.