Burglary victims struggle at school CHILDREN whose homes have been burgled are more likely to struggle at school and have trouble sleeping, according to new research1 from independent charity Victim Support and home security specialist ADT.

The first major survey into the impact of burglary found that two thirds (63 per cent) of parents who had children living at home when they were burgled support the partnership’s call for tougher sentences for burglars who target family homes.

Merseyside and Cheshire Victim Support helped hundreds of burglary victims in the area during the past year and nearly 300,000 children are believed to be the victims of break-ins every year in England and Wales.

Andy Hall, divisional manager, said: “I recently spoke to a burglary victim whose sons have had their bikes stolen, the eldest son is now coming home from college and hiding in his room as he has lost his prized possession that he had saved hard for.

“The younger son is getting into trouble with his school as he is often arriving late. He now has to use public transport to get to school, which means getting up half an hour earlier every day and walking from the train station.”

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