A HOST of dancers, schoolchildren, restaurateurs, shopkeepers and fitness fans are determined to raise awareness of Down’s Syndrome on Friday.

Cheshire Down’s Syndrome Support Group (CDSSG) has been overwhelmed by the amount of supporters signing up to do crazy challenges around its annual awareness day on March 21.

Julie Duff, organiser and volunteer at CDSSG, said: “People have really stepped up this time and we’re got lots of things going on.”

The theme of this year’s awareness day is Lots of Socks, so many of the challenges involve some form of the garment.

Activities are also centred on the numbers 21 and three as three copies of chromosome 21 are unique to people with Down’s Syndrome.

So far people have signed up to do challenges like lose 21lbs in three months, do 21 jumps in three minutes on a trampoline, do 21 sit ups and three press ups, hug 21 trees in three minutes, run 3km in 21 minutes, put 21 pieces of jewellery on in three minutes and tell 21 jokes in three minutes.

Ark Vets, in Kingsmead, aims to put socks on 21 dogs and Helen Avramm, from Jivetastic, in Antrobus, plans to dance with 21 men in three minutes to to the tune of It’s Raining Men.

Schools in Cheshire are continuing to show their support by holding cake sales, dress down days, concerts and even wearing green noses.

To register ideas, volunteer time or to take on a challenge contact Julie Duff on 07764 502665, email admin@cdssgroup or visit the Facebook/CDSSgroup.