ARTISTS from Weaver Vale Housing Trust in Rudheath are seizing an opportunity to display their work in New York.

The WVHT residents attended ArtWork Studios in Northwich as part of a six-week lottery funded Art Boot Camp class.

The sessions were run by Rudheath artist Beth Barlow, who helped residents build up skills in a wide range of art techniques after being inspired by visits to galleries.

Artists from Liverpool and Leeds then asked the studios to join them in sending work to New York on the theme of ‘colonise’.

Carolyn Shepherd, who runs the studios, said: “I thought we were like a little colony of artists here at the studios and so wanted to create something that represented the work of everyone who works here.

“I met the WVHT residents when they came here on a course and wanted to include them in the colony idea too.

“So we created two designs that combine everyone’s work with the help of local artists Beth Barlow and Chris Spencer.”

When asked how he felt about the art work going to New York, group member Pat said: “I'm dead excited. Fame at last!”

Fellow member Brian added: “I'm not worried about my art going to be in an exhibition.

“I would have worried before that what I did wasn't good enough or struggled to know which pieces to choose.

“With all our art work combined into one piece takes the pressure off one person”.

The residents would like to stay together as a group calling themselves Weaver Vale Artists Collective and continue working at ArtWork Studios to develop their ideas further and take part in other opportunities.

“For a newly formed group I think we've done really well”, said group member Ian. “I've found the project very interesting so far. Being in the professional studios at Artwork and seeing how other artists work is really inspiring and gives me more ideas.”

Residents’ artwork will be displayed in a ‘Roots’ exhibition from May 22 to 31, featuring the work of ‘Outsider Arts’ and those who might consider themselves to be outside of the mainstream artworld.

Visit Beth’s blog at to follow the group’s progress or call 07828148123 for more details.