INVESTIGATIONS have started to see if a village hall can be built in Davenham.

The village currently has no community building so a committee of parish councillors is looking to see if it can find land and money to build one.

Davenham Parish Council’s special projects committee has started its assessment at Butchers Stile Field.

Clr Andy Duff, the council’s vice chairman, said: “Is there space for a village hall?

“Could the cricket pitch be moved to accommodate a hall?

“Is there space next to the pitch on the Butchers Stile side?

“There are lots of options, lots of conversations to have but none of us know categorically.

“We’ve talked about us potentially commissioning a planning consultant to look at the sceme and see if it’s possible.

“Could we set up a trust and look at funds?

“We need to look at the type of land, the type of drainage and see if the hall can be built and answer that question that’s been around the village lots of times.

“Then at least we will have a definitive answer.”

Fellow councillors agreed that this was in its very early stages and that nothing would be decided without full consultation with residents and village groups.

Clr Arthur Wood said: “If we have a professional opinion on Butchers Stile Field then we will find out if it’s possible and then put it to the community.

“If 99 per cent say they would rather have a football pitch than a community centre then we will know.”