IMAGINATIVE challenges will make people think twice during a charity campaign set to sweep through Cheshire next month.

Cheshire Down’s Syndrome Support Group (CDSSG) is throwing down a gauntlet to individuals, groups, schools and businesses to carry out crazy challenges in the run up to its annual awareness day on March 21.

The charity hopes to hold 21 challenges during a three day period to get people talking about Down’s Syndrome.

Most of the challenges will be part of the theme ‘Lots of Socks’.

Julie Duff, organiser and volunteer at CDSSG, said: “This year’s Dosh for Down’s Day is the most exciting yet.

“We are thrilled people have chosen to undertake amazing personal challenges in support of Dosh for Down’s.

“March 21 is a really special date for us as it represents three copies of chromosome 21 which is unique to people with Down Syndrome.

“We are halfway to reaching our target of 21 challenges and we would love people to get in touch with wacky ideas and activities that could involve ‘Lots of Socks’.”

So far, sock-wearing adrenaline junkies have committed to dive out of planes, run 21km and climb a mountain in three days.

But CDSSG is appealing for more.

Julie said: “The challenges do not have to be extreme – one simple way to get involved could be to hang a pair of different socks out of your car windows on Friday, March 21.”

Julie will be wearing 21 different socks on the day while other pledged activities include eating 21 cakes in three minutes, tasting 21 wines and popping 21 balloons in three minutes without the aid of a pin.

To register ideas, volunteer time or to take on a challenge contact Julie Duff on 07764 502665, email admin@cdssgroup or visit the Facebook/CDSSgroup.

CDSSG has come up with a list of 21 challenges for supporters to try:

1. Wear 21 Socks

2. Do 21 Sit ups and three push ups

3. Read three books in 21 days

4. Eat 21 cakes in three minutes

5. Walk 21 miles in three days

6. Try 21 different cheeses

7. Watch 21 episodes of your favourite TV show in three days

8. Swim 21 lengths

9. Hang three socks from your car window

10. Cycle 21 Kilometres

11. Run 21 kilometres on treadmill

12. Bake 21 cookies

13. Walk up 21 steps three times

14. Splash in 21 puddles

15. Hug 21 trees

16. High 5 21 people in three minutes

17. Wash 21 cars in three hours

18. Knit 21 socks

19. Score 21 on dartboard three times

20. Catch 21 grapes in your mouth

21. Play 21 tunes on three instruments