PLACARD-waving protestors voiced their opposition to HS2 during a parish meeting in Pickmere attended by George Osborne.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer visited the meeting on Friday, February 7 to field questions about the Government’s proposed £42 billion railway.

The preferred route of the high speed line is due to cut a path through Pickmere, as well as affecting eleven different parishes in the High Legh ward served by borough councillor Steve Wilkinson.

Mr Wilskinson attended the meeting alongside leader of Cheshire East Council, Michael Jones, and heard the concerns of Pickmere residents and those within the ‘cluster group’ of parishes whose houses and businesses are due to be affected by the railway line.

Ewan Simpson from Mid Cheshire Against HS2 said: “It was a successful, peaceful protest. We were pleased with how it went as there were people representing other anti HS2 groups who came along.”