NEW technology being pioneered in Britain by Winsford cancer campaigner Gary Steele has proved successful.

Gary’s Leighton Hospital Prostate Cancer Support Group held a prostate cancer screening event at Winsford Asda using Opko Claros machines that he organised to be brought to the country from America.

At the same time, Vale Royal Lions paid £500 for samples taken using the traditional finger capillary prick ‘Venus draw’ method to be sent to laboratories in Warwick.

Gary said compare tests between the two systems had proved successful, paving the way for further use of the machines, which can give quick, on-the-spot readings for the disease.

Meanwhile, Gary is promoting new research by the men’s health charity, CHAPS, which indicates three major European studies into the benefits of compulsory screening campaigns for prostate cancer are not taken into consideration by current Government NICE guidelines.

CHAPS say because studies in 2008, 09 and 2010 are overlooked by current guidance, British GPs don’t have all the available information at their disposal to properly advise patients.

“How can GPs make an accurate decision when they don’t have all the information?” asked Gary, who is organising a screening event at Crewe Alexandra FC on March 15 as part of the nationwide Men Utd v Prostate Cancer event.