A TRADE Union is welcoming news that support staff at a Rudheath school will be paid at least the Living Wage in the near future.

Unison welcomed the Living Wage Pledge for staff at Rudheath Primary Academy, who can expect to be paid at least the Living Wage within the next 12 months.

The Focus-Trust operates the school and has agreed to make this pledge to staff after discussions with UNISON - the trade union which represents support staff in schools including teaching assistants, administrative staff and caretakers.

UNISON Regional Organiser Keith Bradley said: “Many working people are struggling to make ends meet due to poverty pay. “Some employers should be embarrassed that their employees are having to resort to using food banks to get by.

“It is very welcome news that the Focus-Trust has made a commitment to its staff that they will pay at least the Living Wage.

“We hope that other organisations that operate academy schools will make the same commitment. Schools play an important role in serving communities and it is only right that they pay their staff decently.”