A BLUE Badge holder was furious when a quick trip into Northwich led to a £70 fine.

Janet Elrin and her 75-year-old husband Nils, who has dementia, Parkinsons and failing eyesight, parked in a disabled bay at the side of Iceland, in Witton Street, on Saturday morning.

The pair put the Blue Badge on the dashboard, ran some errands in town and were shocked to find a parking ticket when they returned less than an hour later.

This ticket said that a valid Blue Badge had not been properly displayed and left the Elrins with a £70 fine.

Janet said: “I’m furious about what happened.

“The Blue Badge can only go in one place on the dashboard, I’ve no reason not to use it and am perfectly entitled to use it.

“I’m not paying the fine, I shall go to court because I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and I think Cheshire West and Chester Council is just collecting money off the disabled.

“They need to look a bit more carefully.”

She added: “I am pleased in a way though that the council is actually looking at disabled parking bays because they are abused.”

A spokesman for CWAC, which took over parking enforcement at the end of 2013, said that the problem was with the time clock the comes with the Blue Badge.

“A Penalty Charge Notice was issued because the time clock with the Blue Badge failed to display the correct time of arrival,” said the spokesman.

“It was set to 3pm when the enforcement officer patrolled shortly after 10am.

“The booklet issued with all Blue Badges explains that the clock must display the time of arrival in order for a Blue Badge to be valid.

“We can confirm that we have received a challenge to this PCN and this is currently being considered.”